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so sad…

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feel so sad…

I really cannot find any reason for going on living

it’s unbereable

feel so sad…

lay in my lonely bed wanting to die.
Staring at the ceiling and beginning to cry.
I feel the depression taking over me
Washing me in sadness, becoming blind, I can’t see.
Life is killing me slowly
I want to die

it seems with each step i take
i sink deeper and deeper into the quicksand

days keep rolling and rolling

days passing without sense, days and nights, weeks and months, and me here
each day
each night
problems and more problems

seemingly no escape
seemingly no solution
i question the very purpose of my existence

drag myself everyday to live
in the hope of escaping from it all

but what for?
feel so sad…
feel into a prison

my hands are tied
i am this little angel stuck inside this prison
with my wings clipped
my feet tied to an iron ball
i cannot fly away
i cannot run away

I just wanna die
my tears are in vain

destined to live a life like this

without hope,
without job,
without money,
without anybody that cares
I just wanna die
cant stand this any more

the life that i dreamt of
is just a dream
the life that i wished to have
is just a wish
wish I die


Un pensamiento en “so sad…

  1. Me encanta cuando pones vídeos de música. Me encanta la cultura india. Se te nota una chica muy culta. Desde que visito tu blog ya he visto cosas muy interesantes como la música índia, tus trabajos en crochet, tus bordados, tu creatividad, tu buen humor, tus recetas y a cima de todo eres un chica muy educada.
    Un saludo desde Albacete.

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