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And Yet I Die
I see the stars sparkling so bright,
Within the moon kissed sky.
I hear the lark so sweetly sing,
Amidst the morning dawn.
I smell the flower full in bloom,
And see their royal pomp.
And yet some place so deep within,
I’m shrouded and I’m closed.
The brilliance there I can’t see,
In mists of misery.
Enshrined inside, unable thus,
To touch the warmth without.
I gaze upon this passion spent,
And yet . . . Inside I die.
hope is gone
I am lonely,
there is no one close,
no one sees the pain


all I can see.
nothing remains.
dripping slowly away
the tides recede
and I standalone.
I look down from the precipice
that is my life
and wonder where the tides go.
will they return to fillmy gaping soul?
or will the waters dryto flow no more
and leave me standing
and breathless?
all I can do is
but wonder wait what for?
I’ve been pushed down so many times
I feel this time will be the last
as I lay here fading
my thoughts are invaded by memories of my past
I feel the pressures of rejection building
as I lay here on the floor
I have no strength to get up
it’s not worth it any more
three o’clock in the evening,
Afraid of the nightmares.
afraid of this solitud.
All I can do is stare into the night.
Another night of crying,
A night of hiding,
Alone once again.
My heart feels empty,
And I can’t cry another tear.
Another day wasted on insecurity,
A day of wonder.
Is this ever going to end?

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