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Eye Diagnosis
Vata eyes are characterized by small, nervous, with drooping eyelids and dry, scanty lashes. The white of the eye is muddy, while the iris is dark, gray-brown or black. Pitta eyes are moderate in size. They are sharp, lustrous, and sensitive to light. The lashes are scanty and oily. The iris is red or yellowish. Kapha eyes are large, beautiful and moist. They have long, thick, oily lashes. The white of the eye is very white. The iris is pale, blue or black.
Excessive blinking is a sign of nervousness, anxiety or fear. A drooping upper eyelid indicates a sense of insecurity, fear or lack of confidence. These are all signs of vata imbalance.
Prominent eyes indicate thyroid gland dysfunction. An yellow conjunctiva may signal a weak liver. A small iris indicates weak joints. A white ring around the iris may mean an excessive intake of salt or sugar. If the white ring is very prominent and very white, it is an indication of joint degeneration with potential for arthritis and joint pain.


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